Feathertail Ray

El Sachwa is the name for a fishing tool in Egyptian fisherman slang. Basically it is a cage where the fish can go into but not come out off. At this dive site you can see a narrow bay in the reef where the fishermen used to scare fish into and then put a net at the end so they were closed in. After this procedure they could pick the fish up easily.

When you jump in the water you will be on top of a plateau on 11 meters. If you start the dive going south you swim over a beautiful coral garden. At the edge of the plateau you find three hill-like coral covered areas, they cascade down to the next shelf landing on 13 meters. All over this slope you may find scorpionfish, stonefish and rays. Swim out over the sandy bottom and cruise between the coral blocks, then turn up north. If you have sharp eyes and luck maybe you find the frogfish that lives in a coral block out on the plateau.

This extract is taken from Issue 16 of The Equalizer

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