Scuba Diving in Cíes Island (Spain)

Cíes Island

We recently visited the Cíes Islands in Spain, with Portosub. For those who do not know them, the Cíes Islands are a protected Natural Park, which can only be accessed by boat.

The dive centre facilities offer everything you need, whether you go with or without equipment. The diving group was quite homogeneous, with people who already knew the area and a large majority who were visiting for the first time.

The closest thing to an aquarium

Having the opportunity to dive in a protected area gives us a unique visual reward. A large number of marine species inhabit the area, and they show no fear of our presence.

The dive takes place in a quiet area, with a very colorful landscape and a diver guide who accompanies the group, pointing out areas with a lot of life.

At the end of the first dive, the skipper of the boat invites us a small aperitif while we prepare the equipment for the second dive.

This second dive was done at a shallower depth than the first one, but it was almost more surprising. It was a rocky area, where species have their caves, and we could be surprised among octopuses, lobsters and conger eels.

We have to take into account only the temperatures of the area, in order to have an adequate protection. The ideal is a suit of 7mm at least, or a dry suit if the occasion allows it.

In the center they are quite strict for the immersions. To use a dry suit you must have the corresponding qualification, as well as for night dives, which are impressive.

If you are planning an adventure trip, we recommend visiting this unique area. More info about Scuba Diving in Cíes at Portosub Web page.